The signature of all things: My book marks

這是一本有黑封面的書,四周爬滿蕨類,書名上方有一棟全白的宅邸–White Acre。

1. Mr.Whitaker made a point to offend, and never to take advantage, even when advantages may have been ripe for plucking. He told his son,"Henry, do not be bold. You can butcher sheep only once. But if you are careful, you can sheer the sheep every year."

2. He was rough, yes, but she was no dainty blossom herself. She respected his bluntness, as he repeated hers. She understood what he wanted of her, and felt certain that she could work with him–perhaps even manage him a bit.

3. She sewed dozens of pockets into her traveling dress, and filled each pocket with the Horus’s rarest tulip bulbs, all swaddled protectively in moss.

4. Alme Whittaker looked precisely like Henry: ginger of hair, florid of skin, small of mouth, wide of brow, abundant of nose. This was a rather unfortunate circumstance for Alma.

5. She demanded to know why sparks were born when she drew her hand across her sheets on a hot summer’s night. She not only demanded to know whether mushrooms were plants or animals, but also—when given the answer—demanded to know why this was certain.

5.5. “What does a comet do, sir?"
“You fly abut in all directions!" the Italian commanded. And so she did. She propelled herself into the midst of the planets, ducking and swiveling through everyone’s orbits, scuttling and twirling, the ribbon unfurling from her hair.

Astonishingly, at some point, a sputtering torch was thrust into her hands. Alma did not see who gave it to her. She had never before been entrusted with fire. The torch spit sparks and sent chunks of flaming tar spinning into the air behind her as she bolted across the cosmos—the only body in the heavens who was not held to a strict elliptical path.
Nobody stopped her.
She was a comet.
She did not know that she was not flying.

6. It felt to Alma, the two of them resembled a perfect little robin’s egg and a big homely pinecone, suddenly and inexplicably sharing the same nest.

7. “I am sorry on your own account, Alma Whittaker, that you are so selfish in your regard for others," Beatrix said, her face clenched now with  true anger. As for her final two words, she spat them out like two sharp chips of ice: “Improve yourself."

故事主人翁Alma如4.所述,是個相貌平庸的女主角,從小家管嚴,但父親定期邀約各領域專精學者至家裡作客,Alma不是常見的女主角,蠻橫或驕縱的那種。她一點也不美,但是所幸作者讓她非常執著與聰明。她像是海綿般恣意的在餐桌上與大老交流,躲在溫室與圖書館的暗室裡吸取知識/摸索自己(真的是摸索自己,這是本情慾小說沒錯)。 Prudence則是在這過程中父母領養的傭人的女兒,很不巧的她就是那種美若天仙的二主角。

8. Henry, in his great crashing voice, said, “Alma! Come instantly! You are requested to be seen!"
Alma rushed into the atrium, bright with expectation. The stranger looked at her for a moment, then burst out laughing. He said, “No, you bloody fool—that’s not what I meant! I want to see the pretty one!"   超級慘烈的畫面,想像興高采烈的Alma挾著龐然的氣勢與身軀衝進了大廳。然後色瞇瞇的老頭說“搞什麼!我要看漂亮的那個!”。
Without a trace of rebuke, Henry replied, “Oh, so you’re interested in Our Little Exquisite, then?" Prudence, come in here! You are requested to be seen!"
Prudence slipped through the entryway and stood beside Alma, whose feet were now sinking into the floor, as into a thick and terrible swamp. (慘…Alma請讓我在你腳上寫個慘字吧!)
“There we are!" said the guest,, looking over Prudence as though pricing her out. “Oh, she is splendid, isn’t she? I had wondered. I had suspected everyone might have been exaggerating."
Henry waved his hand dismissively. “Ah, you all make too much of Prudence," he said. “To my mind, the homely one is worth ten of the pretty one."

以上的摘自於Elizabeth Gilbert-Signature of all things

我一直沒有找機會去看Eat, pray, love. 連喜歡的作家的成名作都沒看過怎麼能真的算是粉絲!